Contemporary Classical

Spirits of the Dead: Mezzo Soprano and large chamber ensemble (2021)

Winter Sunrise over the Pacific: Chamber orchestra (2021)

Final recording pending, click above for more information


It Stares, It Watches: Oboe and Piano (2021)


In He Walked: Solo Piano (2018)


Surfaces: Alto saxophone and fixed electronics (2018)


Afterthoughts : Chamber ensemble and fixed electronics (2018)

Or to Err
: Electronics and Pre-recorded Sound (2017)


Brink : Flute, Percussion, and String Orchestra (2017)

Legacies : String Orchestra (2016)


Whirlwind : String Orchestra (2015)


Changing of the Seasons : Full symphony orchestra (2014)


Winter Blossoms : Flute, Clarinet, Violin, Piano (2014)


Icicles : Violin, Bassoon, Piano (2014)


A Heavy-Hearted Dream : String Quartet (2014)





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