About my Music

             I attempt to write music that reflects my background in jazz and love of orchestral music and pushes forward towards a point in time when—while I may or may not attain it to my own complete satisfaction—I can express my different musical and personal intentions effectively and with a mix of concision and variety. In addition to my variety of musical influences, in which Duke Ellington, Gil Evans, Ligeti, and Bartok hold prominent positions, I am deeply interested in the psychology of social and cultural changes as they pertain to subsets of a society and to individuals. I think that my music reflects this, with each piece approaching some aspect in its own way.

In addition, I am very much interested in the way time is perceived. Much of my music is written with the intention of causing listeners to question their personal understandings of time. I usually consider this in three parts: time within the piece, time for the performer, and time for the listener. These three perceptive frames allow the piece to be felt as a variety of temporal experiences, subject to each individual and their background.

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